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The IMarEST has launched conservation NGO Partnerships


The IMarEST has launched conservation NGO Partnerships

The IMarEST has launched a new scheme to offer support and partnership to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that have demonstrated a continued commitment to conservation and sustainability of the marine environment.

Conservation NGOs operate in many countries worldwide, contributing to the ongoing conservation and sustainability of the marine environment through a variety of projects ranging from volunteer-based research expeditions to environmental consultancy. Given the scope of projects run by NGOs, their coordination involves a wide breadth of people ranging from university and college academics to local residents in remote tropical locations.

With such a large range of professionals collaborating together for the benefit of the world’s oceans, NGO Partners will fit well with the multidisciplinary nature of the IMarEST.  Through the partnership, we hope to support NGO’s in their important marine conservation work which is positively contributing towards the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (in particular SDG:14 Life Below Water).  Furthermore, we anticipate the partnership will bolster our global membership network and our influence and technical voice within this domain of the marine sector.   With NGO’s who share a similar mission to the IMarEST, this partnership presents an excellent opportunity to contribute towards achieving our vision – a world where marine resources are sustained, managed and developed for the benefit of humanity.

NGOs that are accepted into partnership will be given a range of benefits to help their staff and volunteers throughout the duration of their projects. Full-time staff of an NGO Partner will have the opportunity to join as members of the IMarEST, while volunteers will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of a free 12-month membership trial.

This membership will provide individuals with ongoing support to help their professional development and provide valuable resources to assist them as they progress through their careers. Those taking advantage of their membership will also have the opportunity to earn professional registration (Chartered, Incorporated/Register or Technician status).

The NGO Partnership scheme is expected to have a particularly important influence on the IMarEST’s Sea Your Future programme – our initiative to help inspire, support and develop those in the early stages of their careers. Many NGOs accept students onto their conservation programmes who are conducting primary research for their final year thesis/dissertation projects. By encouraging them to take up their free student membership, we can help promote their professional growth by encouraging them to apply for interim registration. This is available to all aspiring marine professionals in the initial professional development stage of their careers and demonstrates to potential employers their enthusiasm, drive and commitment to their chosen careers as they work towards full registration.

In addition to professional development, we will provide them with a host of networking opportunities with other marine professionals through IMarEST Nexus and branch events. This will be supplemented with the wealth of learning resources that IMarEST student membership has to offer, thus supporting them throughout the course of their studies, all while increasing our student member population.

Given such a large amount of student research is facilitated by many NGOs, we are able to provide a valuable development opportunity in the form of submissions to the Institute’s Marine Technical Notes.  As a global publisher of marine engineering, science and technology resources, the Institute will also welcome NGO staff and other volunteers to submit research, best practices guides and other technical articles to any of our peer-reviewed technical journals, publications, member magazine, or take advantage of the book publishing opportunities we offer.

Partners will also be invited to collaborate on relevant technical activity, for example inputting into any of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), technical lectures or our work informing policy and regulation at an intergovernmental level. This could encourage members to explore the potential of establishing a new SIG related to marine conservation and strengthening our voice in the marine science sector.

The NGOs will be listed on the IMarEST’s online Marine Directory and will have the opportunity to share news about their work and progress on the Institute’s website and through its other digital media networks. You can find out more about the NGO Partnership by emailing

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