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Professional Vs. Hobbyist | What Underwater Drone is Right for You?


Professional Vs. Hobbyist | What Underwater Drone is Right for You?

The market for aerial drones may be reaching a plateau, but drone technology is continuing to expand into the deep sea. National Ocean Service scientists estimate that more than 95% of the world’s oceans are still unexplored; the underwater drone revolution is putting research and development to the test with its latest innovations.

What Underwater Drone is Right for You?

Underwater drones can be used in industries ranging from search and rescue, military, recreation and discovery, aquaculture, marine biology, oil, gas, offshore energy, shipping, submerged infrastructure and more. They allow operators to capture photo and video footage to inspect and monitor ports, harbours and vessels, bring innovation to pipe inspections and explore the depths of our oceans, lakes and rivers.

But what underwater drone is best suited for your applications or specific project? Let’s take a look at the difference between a hobbyist vs. professional underwater drone.

The Hobbyist

With an increased interest in the ocean by many people, and the increased availability of once expensive and non-commercially available equipment, underwater drones have become a popular hobby amongst many. Whether you are an avid photographer/videographer or just curious about what lays beneath the waves, there is an underwater drone out there for you!

The DTG2 Pro and Smart offer the complete package for underwater observation for the hobbyist. If you’re looking to discover historic shipwrecks, or participate in recreational scuba diving, the DTG2 series offers 4k video and camera capabilities directly to your handheld controller, depth rated to 150 meters.

The Professional

The best suited underwater drone for “the professional” is the DTG2 Worker and its bigger brother, the DTX2 – used for ocean floor exploration or inspections at depths that divers are often unable to reach. A working class underwater drone, for example, acts as a safe alternative for divers, often used for offshore inspection projects, military and search & rescue missions, and deep archaeological investigations. For example, a vessel’s structural integrity, potential transferring of invasive species, or contraband smuggling, demands periodic inspections of a vessel’s hull during transit and when entering port. Deep Trekker underwater drones help mitigate the risk to said work.

Quality? It Matters!

All of Deep Trekker underwater drones are built to last. Each model is constructed of sturdy cast aluminum, anodized and expoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Its unique spherical design has inherent strength, and offers no maintenance thrusters, making the durability of our robots unmatched. If your project or application evolve past the capabilities of your underwater drone, we offer various attachments to enhance its functionality and extend its lifespan.

What Unique Features Do We Offer?

Lightweight, Low Drag Tether: The power source of the Deep Trekker is onboard the vehicle itself, allowing it to take advantage of a low-drag, minimal diameter tether. With its neutrally buoyant tether (5mm-6mm depending on options), the power is completely used by the unit, and NOT in dragging the heavy tether through water. High strength fibers are integrated into the polyurethane tether so that the robots can be managed without the need for additional leads.

Patented Pitching System: Using our unique internal pitching system, Deep Trekker underwater drones are able to move in every direction using only horizontally-mounted thrusters. The pitching system allows the pilot to orient the outer body of the robot through the vertical arc so that the thrusters are driving the unit in the desired direction.

Fully Integrated Viewing & Control: Heavy control boxes, arduous software and extra power requirements can be a thing of the past using our fully integrated super-bright-screen controller. By far the easiest and simplest solution to piloting, the gaming-style controller comes complete with a super-bright, sun-light readable 5.6″ screen for video and information overlay. An additional control box with full PC capability for Sonar, USBL and sensors can also be added.

360 Degree Viewing: With the 360 window paired with the 270 degree camera sweep and the 180 degree pitch angle, Deep Trekker underwater drones can see in front, behind, above, below and all points in between using only one HD, low-light camera. All systems come complete with an LED lighting system that tracks with the camera.

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