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Pipe Crawlers are Going Where No Human Can | Providing a Trenchless Solution


Pipe Crawlers are Going Where No Human Can | Providing a Trenchless Solution

Most of us never think about it, but almost every modern city and town has a network of sewer, storm drain and water pipe running right under our feet. Infiltration of tree roots, seismic activity, heavy road traffic and regular usage all cause damage that these pipe crawler systems must endure. That is why Deep Trekker takes regular inspection and maintenance so seriously.

The DT340 and DT320 Mini pipe crawlers can be part of the solution, and here’s why:

Our pipe crawler systems are ideally suited to the challenges of inspecting municipal pipe and they offer competitive capabilities. Our units are completely battery operated. This means, no topside power is required, no onsite generator or power supply, so you can inspect just about anywhere! Our crawlers also come with options for GIS and WinCan integrations, pan/tilt/zoom HD cameras and elevation arms and optional tracks.

Whatever your project is, we have a customizable solution for you!

Designed to operate in some of the most confined and harsh environments, Deep Trekker trenchless technology can perform in-service inspections, often requiring no prior cleaning of pipelines.

We can also report on:

  • Cracks, fractures, holes and pipe defects
  • Leaks and infiltration
  • Blockages and other obstacles
  • Broken or collapsed pipes

With proven options and accessories like tracks, wheel options for crawling different types of pipe material and an elevated camera head, many challenges can be resolved right out of the box.

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